Top 5 SEO Tips


Wherever you turn there is always something about SEO. It is suppose to boost your website traffic, if done correctly. Of course, if it is not done correctly it can backfire and actually reduce your ranking in the most extreme cases. So, because of this you really need to be careful with how you tweak your website. With the help of a managed admin service, it is possible to boost your SEO ranking. Now, there are a few tweaks you can probably do yourself and it should not harm your website, as long as you dont go overboard. You dont want to take a keyword and jam it into a paragraph a thousand times. trafficThis is going to hurt your ranking. But as long as you use the ideas marginally, it should help boost your rating and allow you to grow your online presence.

Solid Content

When it comes down to it, you really need to make sure you provide quality content. Without quality content, you are going to drop in the search rankings as search engines are able to determine what information is helpful and what content is just not going to prove very beneficial. So, you need to focus in on material that you enjoy and you are passionate for as it does show up in your writing. No matter what anyone else says, having solid content is always the end all, be all of SEO. Plus, even if a bunch of people arrive to your website and find that it is junk, they are not going to return, so it really doesnt matter and it isnt going to help you in the long run anyways.

Social Media

Social media is essential. This is a great way to bring traffic to your website without doing too much additional work. People can find your website through social media and it gives you a great way to promote. Now, there are all sorts of different social media services to take advantage of and it is not just Facebook. Twitter and Google are great options, and if you are visually based, you can also use a Pinterest and a Flickr as well, not to mention Instagram, which is connected to Facebook but also a stand alone service. LinkedIn is good for making professional connections, and even having a live blog to bring people in is a good idea. There are really a dozen different good social media options you can use to take advantage of the service and to boost your SEO.


Keywords are essential. If you have bad keywords for your content nobody is going to find it, so it doesn’t matter how good everything else is. Keyword-DensityKeywords are what people type into a search engine in order to come across your information. Now, you do not want to just use a single keyword. You need to use what is known as a long tail keyword. This is why you use a string of words, or a phrase, to attract people. This is more descriptive of your product and it is something that you need to utilize in order to stand out from the pack.


Not all websites take advantages of images, which is why you need to. Yes, keywords help bring in traffic through the Web based service, but keywords attached to images can also bring in visitors through an image based search. All of this is extremely helpful and is something you need to look into. You can boost your rating all thanks to the image search feature. You can also do the same with videos, should you choose to.


You need to double check on your services and how it is improving. This way, you know who is going to work well for you and what keywords are doing for your website. If the website is not doing well with the new keywords it means you need to change them up.

Hiring the Best SEO Company

Hands down, the best SEO company is Managed Admin.  They can identify what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and where you can help you improve. They will make sure you are targeting the right customers and doing it better than your competition.